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Power Engineering


Can you imagine the electricity world without transformer? Transformer – or some Indonesian call it as “trafo” , is an important part in the field of electric power system. The function is either to step-up or step-down the voltage in order to minimize the looses in the transmission and distribution.

The presentation was given by Group 5 comprising of Aditya Prayoga (0806365412), Benson Marnatha S. (0806365551), Edison Marulitua S. (0806365702), M. Nahar (0806366150).

Overall, the presentation was interesting and a lot of knowledge sharing during the discussion session. Besides the concept, it’s expected that students may enhance their capability in problem-solving related calculation, especially for the real application.

Below are the materials you may refer for the presentation.

  1. Paper and Q&A of Transformer
  2. Presentation file of transformer




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