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Power Engineering

Notes for “Teknik Tenaga Listrik”

For those who are taking Teknik Tenaga Listrik in  “Ekstensi” Class, please read the notes below :

  1. Class will be divided into 12 groups, of which you will present your topic based on agreement.
  2. Presentation MUST be made as interesting as you can, as I believe you may learn fast when you find something interesting. For instance, you may include an animation, picture or video so that the audience can understand the topic. As we generally will deal with some electric machines and drives, it is also expected that the presentation will include the basic work principles and calculation problem of those in the real application.
  3. DON’T forget to include REFERENCE list in your presentation if you are taking any data or information on it.
  4. In the discussion session, you have to note any questions from the audience and answer them clearly. Then those must be included in your revised presentation.
  5. Within 1 week after your presentation, you MUST submit your revised presentation power point (in .ppt or .pptx format) and your paper (in .doc or .docx format) through email address AND As all presentation materials will be published in this website, therefore besides in above format, you are also expected to provide in .pdf format. I category it in folder of “Power Engineering”
  6. SAP for this course can be downloaded in your SIAK NG or you may download it here.
  7. Scoring for this class : Presentation (20%), Mid-Term Exam (40%) and Final-Term Exam (40%)

Don’t worry about the grade you will get, as I’ll give you “A” if you follow the above rule.

Happy learning with me 🙂




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